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Quality Standards

Care and reliability signed and sealed

Quality is our capital. Constant innovation and the introduction of new technologies guarantee you the best possible meat. Critically selecting raw materials is extremely important to us, and only selected suppliers will guarantee us high-quality animals to use. In addition, raw materials are only ever processed in accordance with high hygiene and process standards at Baumann GmbH & Co. KG.

This gives our products their uniqueness and outstanding quality. The yardstick is the market’s rising demand for safe products in perfect condition. As well as complying with the International Featured Standards-Food (IFS), we employ other tools for flawless quality assurance and train our staff regularly.

HACCP guarantees excellent hygiene standards

Hygiene and quality are essential in the meat production industry and for this reason our company has its own food chemist, who checks the quality of our products. This is carried out in cooperation with the University of Giessen. We monitor and control hygiene using the HACCP system, which means our customers can always be sure they’re only getting the best meat. 

It involves all the critical points during the production process that have a crucial influence on hygiene and product quality being documented. Clear limits and measures are defined here and must be complied with without compromise. Our meat is also halal certified. Having a large number of satisfied customers with a Muslim background encourages us to meet this standard reliably.

Play it safe

Regardless of whether your goods are loose or packaged, you will always be able to determine whether they are Baumann products from the label.

If there is no specific producer’s name on the label, the company’s approval number definitely will be.

Baumann’s number is KZ-HE 10125 EG

In the case of packaged goods, this number appears on the label. When it comes to hanging or loose goods, it is stamped onto the goods themselves.

Place your trust in outstanding quality!

The PUR® quality seal for premium-plus quality

Baumann meat is excellent premium meat. It is pure, genuine, natural and unadulterated – and that applies to all our products. In addition, we mark supreme meat from very special pedigree animals with our PUR® quality seals.

Only meat from very exclusive breeds is given one of these seals, and the best possible feed, species-specific husbandry and time for the animals to recover from their journey to our premises before they’re slaughtered guarantee consumers the pleasure of enjoying pure premium-plus meat.

Pur Alakol®

The legendary Alakol originated from the mountain range around Lake Alakol, which is on the border with China. From there, they were distributed throughout South Kazakhstan. The secret of this breed of sheep lies in its outstanding taste. We get our Alakol lambs from the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains. They graze at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, right on the mountain Jailau, where the air and crystal clear mountain water give to meat an outstanding taste.

Lambs are raised on farms that have large pastures. Authentic Alakol meat comes from lambs that are at least one hundred days old, which means that animals had more than three months to roam extensive pastures and enjoy the grass. In combination with an unusual climate, this treatment makes the meat an exquisite gourmet delight. Try and experience it for yourself.

Pur Merino®

Merino sheep are originally from Spain. From the 12th to the 18th century, the country was a monopolist and tried not to spread the breed to other continents. The removal of sheep was punishable by law and was considered a crime. Smugglers that caught in transit, lost their lives. However, despite the prohibitions, sheep gradually began to live in Europe, Asia, America and Australia, and then in Kazakhstan. In 1946, by the method of absorption cross-breeding uterus of the Kazakh fat-tailed breed with merino sheep, they were bred in Kazakhstan. They are grown mainly in the southern and eastern parts of the country, as well as on the pastures of low mountain ranges.

Merino sheep, known not only for its high-quality wool, but also for excellent meat, which is extremely fine-grained and tender. The meat is ideal for grilling, stewing and roasting, because it is lean, perfectly marbled and has a mild flavor. Special care, humane slaughtering make the Pur Merino® lamb a satisfying and savory delight. We get our lambs from the Almaty region.