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"Meat-processing plant Baumann in Kokterek village of Ili district, Almaty region".

Name: "Meat-processing plant Baumann in Kokterek village of Ili district, Almaty region".


Project Initiator: Baumann GmbH & Co. KG


Contractor: Zhetysu Koy LLP


Purpose: Creation of a modern high-tech equipped according to European standards, a complex for slaughtering and deep processing of small cattle in accordance with high international standards in the Almaty region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To form the brand “MADE IN KAZAKHSTAN”, as defined by the President of the State in the Plan of the Nation and 100 concrete steps on implementation of 5 Institutional Reforms in 2015.



- Development of raw materials base and export of processed products.

- Increase in the volume of mutton production for export;

- Creation of the brand Made in Kazakhstan.

- Create new jobs


The implementation of the investment project "Meat-processing plant Baumann in the industrial zone"Bereke" will achieve the following effects:

- Creating a business and guaranteed work for 50,000 small farms in sheep farming to ensure year-round operation of the meat processing plant in the amount of 1.5 million lambs per year.

- Creating a production cycle for slaughtering and full processing and packaging of lamb meat with a capacity of up to 3,000 heads per day - for the first phase of the plant and 6,000 heads per day - for the second phase of the plant;

- Satisfaction of effective demand for both slaughter and processing, production of semi-finished products from mutton;

- Creation of an organized slaughtering market, as well as deep processing and packaging of meat in Kazakhstan for further export to China, Russia, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Korea, etc.

Budget effect:

• increase in tax revenues to budgets of all levels throughout the country.

• growth of the gross regional product (GRP) of the Almaty region, increasing the investment attractiveness of the region for investors.


Economic effect:

• The project will be the catalyst for the development of a significant number of rural areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

• Stimulation of the cultivation of small cattle by farmers, agricultural organizations, peasant farms by intensifying and improving the breed when cattle are raised by collectors (Project operators).

• Creation of an organized market for slaughtering, deep processing, production of semi-finished and finished products from small cattle in the Almaty region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, meeting the requirements of wholesale buyers, distribution networks, as well as major importers in quality, sanitary and hygienic standards.